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PUBG Conqueror Level In 3 Days – Madan OP Game Tricks 2021 | Madan OP PUBG Game Strategy Revealed.

PUBG Conqueror Level In 3 Days – Madan OP Game Tricks 2021 | Madan OP PUBG Game Strategy Revealed.

madan op

PUBG Conqueror Level In 3 Days: In this short article, I will reveal some ideas and techniques to know how to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile like Madan OP. “If you know PUBG then you must know Madan OP”

Already I have written more and more about Madan OP, Madan OP meaning, and Madan OP Photo in a separate article.

Many PUBG players have curiosity to know that, “how Madan OP reached PUBG Conqueror level in short period and how can he withstand in the same level for long.

I too had same curiosity, so I started gathering information and tricks from

So in order to fulfill your curiosity, I wish to reveal some tips and tricks of Madan OP based on the details collected from real fans and PUBG users to reach the PUBG Conqueror level in 3 days in this article.

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What Is Conqueror Meaning In Tamil:

Conqueror meaning in Tamil: Conqueror – Vettriyaalar – வெற்றியாளர் – Winner

Conqueror is one of the best levels in PUBG Game. Also, it is quite hard to reach PUBG Conqueror in short period. But if you follow up the below steps, definitely you will attain this level in 3 days.

Secrets Of Madan OP To Reach Conqueror PUBG Level:

If you wanna play like Madan PUBG, You need to win practically every match or a minimum of you need to reach the top 3 in every match and also I will give you some strategy to consistently win or to arrive 3 in every match anyhow.

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Best Time To Start PUBG Conqueror Journey:

The best time to begin your PUBG conqueror journey is when the brand-new period begins when a new period starts every gamers tier will certainly reset which’s the perfect time for you to start your trip.

Starting with the early game technique as well as obtaining a good beginning will provide you the very best conditions to win the PUBG game.

Prior to leave from the airplane you need to recognize the various danger courses of the various drops as well as consequently.

The threat of going to various areas in relation to the airplane course going down 1500 meters or less away from the plane.

Path is in the risky zone as everyone can get to any kind of place below regardless of opening the parachute early or obtaining a vehicle or otherwise going down from 1500 meters to 2,000 meters is a tool danger zone.

Most ranked pushers generally land in these locations so going down right here is usually alright but not completely without danger dropping 2,000 meters or more away from the aircraft will certainly obtain you in the low risk area.

Falling earlier and also driving here is likewise an option however in most of the situations you can use your parachute to move over below is a terrific option.
it will certainly take you some time to obtain this far away from the plane course.

How Madan OP Uses PUBG Loot?

PUBG Conqueror

However being able to loot with no issues deserves the moment spent in taking a trip in this certain example I would probably land in among these marque locations as these locations will certainly supply you with enough loot.

So you can conveniently endure in mid-game you need to bear in mind obtaining decent shield and also weapons as well as also recoveries is significantly most likely to increase your chances of winning and try to avoid this.

Drop locations are likewise referred to as warm declines as numerous players will certainly select to warm decline for immediate activity.

Understand the Risk level Of Zones:

Anyhow Miramar is among the most effective maps to press ranking because it’s the most significant map so you can quickly make it through and below is the high risk medium risk low risk zones and also I noted some areas red color means you need to avoid it since most people will land here.

Yellow ways medium-risk environment-friendly ways low-risk and also these places will depend upon the plane course as you drop from the plane you have to find for the opponent parachutes.

Somebody else could be headed to your location as well as if that’s the instance you should take into consideration altering your drop place as very early.

Experiences are very affected by loot good luck and you do not wish to die early because you will certainly obtain way too many adverse points by coincidence.

You landed first and your enemies do not have any weapons as well as you have a weapon after that you should take into consideration sending them back to Lobby or they may send you back to Lobby.

If they find any weapons also draw a mental map where your opponents are going down so you recognize where places are looted.

If you need to loot some greater than you will understand which puts or looted and which are not and also the main important thing is to look for cars near the location where you are going down.

Vehicles are essential for you to get to the next circles constantly avoid very early game fights due to the fact that those fights are high-risk and influence your trip to the PUBG Conqueror.

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Always try not to die early this will certainly provide you negative factors which makes harder for you to obtain those factors back.

When you survive the early game and you have sufficient loot after that you should drive directly to the center of the circle second at the actual moment it reveals on the map and currently you became part of the mid game geared and also a decent location to hold till the following circle appears and also in mid game try to prevent unneeded fights.

Take PUBG Battles:

Take the battles if you actually have no other alternatives as well as never involve a battle in heaven zone as well as attempt your finest to stay in the circles or attempt to be in the facility of the next circles as well as give the best rotations to be in the last circle.

One solitary mistake you make will certainly obtain eliminated so be careful while traveling in Vehicles and once you make it through till the last circle and there is a compounder residence or any type of building to hold them.

Importance Of Smokes:

You should take into consideration pressing to that structure and also kill the opponents that are keeping in that substance and also always use smokes to produce smoke walls this will offer you actually excellent cover to walk around.

Right here is an example of why smokers are essential in the last circle if there are no houses or structures in the last circle then you must use your lorries as cover and also use smokes to safeguard on your own from any type of other sides and constantly try to do 3rd party.

If any type of other gamers are battling and also high ground in the final circle will provide you a far better benefit with Ridge support as well as use rocks trees or any kinds of challenges as your cover.

One primary important point you need to do in the last circle to either get eliminates if you have a strong team or camp.

If you don’t have and also wait for them to push at you if you have area benefit if you are in the area after that adversaries will certainly come at you so utilize area as an advantage and also battle them.

Keep In Mind:

Keep in mind in some cases people can obtain fortunate if you adhere to those techniques than you will certainly have a higher chance of winning the PUBG game incidentally.

You need to reach the PUBG Conqueror in the initial week of a new season or it will be harder for you to reach as the factors will be enhancing daily.

Highly Suggested:

So do whatever you can in the initial week of the brand-new season here are some suggestions as well as methods having a decent tool as well as stable internet connection will certainly assist you to reach overcome or much faster.

Importance of Squad Team:

Likewise you ought to have a good team if you’re pushing in duo’s or teams anyhow solo is very easy to push compared to duo’s as well as squats as well as the squad is the hardest one among them as well as hackers are regular.

while you’re pushing PUBG Conqueror the most effective method to spot the cyberpunks is by seeing the kill list and also if you assume there is a hacker in the game then always remain in the edges of the blue zone or you can even check the leader board and find out who are hackers and that isn’t.

If you locate them in your lobby you better leave the match survival is important and also everything depends on your abilities attempt to enhance your aim as well as reflexes.

How To Reach Conqueor In PUBG Mobile In 3 days?

PUBG Conqueror

Always bring a great tool combination and also at the very least degree 2 equipment and also attempt to play as secure as feasible when you reach a guide you can get to PUBG Conqueror in 3 days.

it’s tough so I would not advise it attempt to get to less than 7 days initial point when you get up you have to begin playing and also after few matches, charge your tool while you are eating your morning meal or lunch.

Don’t throw away too much time play 7 to 10 hrs daily and also constantly go for placement except kills which’s all I got for this post wish you individuals appreciate it.

Hope you understand the reality and tricks of Madan PUBG used to reach Mr Conqueror level. As I said in the beginning of this content, I explained all these tips based on the information received from real PUBG users.

Thanks for reading this article. If you want to know more about Madan OP, please check my article here.

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