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Madan OP, Madan OP Meaning, Mr Conqueror, Who Is Madan OP?

Madan OP, Madan OP Meaning,  Mr Conqueror, Who Is Madan OP?

Madan OP

Madan OP, Madan OP Meaning, Mr Conqueror, Who Is Madan OP?: If you are a PUBG lover or player, you must know one of the biggest and challengeable players in PUBG Game is Mr. Conqueror or Madan OP, or Annatha.

When I was looking for the new trending words to write up the blog, I came to know that many people are searching for “Madan OP Meaning” on google.

Then I realized it and I too started collecting information about “Madan OP Meaning” and also gathered details about Madan OP, Madan OP’s Stats, Madan OP fans club as well as Madan OP haters (only on PUBG game).

This article created based on the information collected from the social media and public.

In this article, I am gonna reveal more information about PUBG Madan Photo, Madan OP meaning, Madan OP Game strategy, Madan OP Social Media Accounts, Madan PUBG ID, Madan OP’s Fans, and Madan OP’s Secrets of Success in depth.

Who Is Madan OP?

Madan OP

MadanOP is one of the greatest Classic PUBG Mobile Game players and Live streamers in Tamil Nadu, India. Also, the person who does not want to show his original face to the public and creates more curiosity about him in society is Mr. Conqueror i.e.  MadanOP- Annaatha.

Madanop is not only a PUBG player but also “ENTREPRENEUR

And MadanOP only has plenty of largest die hard fans in and around India especially in South India.

Also, everyone calls him Mr. Conqueror since he plays very well in the popular battle royal game and attains this position several times.

Everyone knows well that, overconfidence is a risk factor and dangerous tool also not good for success.

But here, it does not affect Mr. Conqueror’s gaming life,  Yeah.. Madan OP always beats his opponent teams with his overconfidence only. (Sounds unbelievable right?).

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What Is Madan OP Meaning?

OP = OverPowered”

Generally in PUBG OP means Overpowered.

Mr. Conqueror beats the enemies at the PUBG game in a smart way with his overconfidence thus MrConqueror’s fans call him MadanOP (i.e. Madan OverPowered).

Madan Overpowered Secured Digital Award 2021:

Blacksheep Digital Award 2021:

Recently, one of the best YouTube Private Channel, India’s leading digital media company called Blacksheep conducted Digital Award 2021 for all YouTubers in South India.

This award show was taken place on last 28th February 2021 in a grand way at Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai.

Plenty of very famous cine actors, actresses, comedians, and YouTubers were attended the event show including the Great Actor Kamal Haasan, Siva Karthikeyan, Madhavan, and Trending YouTubers.

The favourite winners and runners were finalized by public based on the digital votes.

In this grand show, PUBG killer Madan OverPowered secured the best Favourite Vlogger Gaming Digital Award 2021 among many competitors around Tamil Nadu. Also, Gaming Tamizhan received the same award in the same categories.

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Here Is The Thrilling Part:

So plenty of MadanOP’s fans and Madanism team wore Madan’s Face Printed Tshirts and were waiting to see Madan Manickam Live on stage for a First Time since Mr. Conqueror did not show his original face so far to the public.

Finally, the judges announced the result, the audience started screaming and the moment had come but Annatha did not arrive to receive the award.

It was a huge disappointment to Madanism fans.

On the other hand, this scenario leads to an increasingly more curious to know who is Madan OP not only to fans but also to the new audience. Also, this curiosity helped to increase more fans for Madan OP as well.

At last this digital award was received by Madanop’s BOTSQUAD team and award issued by actor Rio.

It was the great moment because I too expected his arrival.

Though Gaming Tamizha is an opponent team of Madan’s Botsquad in PUBG, Gaming Tamizha praises Madan OP after receiving this award.

Gaming Tamizha clearly shown their relationship of friendship in the video they released.

What M A D A N OverPowered Does Actually In PUBG Game?

Since Madanop knows plenty of things about PUBG Mobile, M A D A N helps others by giving strategies, tips, and tricks about PUBG Mobile.

Also, Mrconqueror helps others to take their game to the next level. I think this is also one of his businesses but not sure yet.

If you are looking for any clarification on the PUBG Mobile game, you could ask him by sending an Email to the below official Email ID.

For any business inquiries: madantheconqueror@gmail.com

Mr Conqueror PUBG Game Stats:

Annatha plays very well and attained Conqueror level in all three categories i.e. Solo, Duo, Squad in PUBG Mobile Game.

Higher Tier Reached : #1 in Ace Badge

Season Rating : 8921

Season Rank: #8

who is madan op
who is madan op
who is madan op

Know About M A D A N OP Fans:

If you are searching for Madan OP’s profile first time on any social media, you cannot find the right official page, since M A D A N S fans created plenty of profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as well.

It doesn’t mean that they are creating a fake profile, it means to say that “they love Mrconqueror also want to spread their love” so they have created many fan club pages.

Though Madankumar Manickam is the original name, his fans call him MADANOP, MADANISM, MR CONQUEROR, ANNATHA, SOLO KING, BOTSQUAD.

Madan OP Official YouTube Channel:

Madan OP YouTube:

Madan op Meaning

Madanop created his YouTube channel on Feb 26, 2019 in the name of “M A D A N” and as off now he has around 697K Subscribers.

He put Live Streams on a daily basis in this YouTube channel only.

>> Visit His YouTube Channel Here>> M A D A N

Also, recently created one more YouTube Channel Namely called MR CONQUEROR with 48.1K subscribers and 9 videos only uploaded so far. 

>> Visit His Second YouTube Channel>> MR CONQUEROR

Madan OP Official Social Media Pages:

Madan op Meaning

Instagram  official Page is : iammadan (M A D A N) – As of now he has.

Madanop Fan’s Instagram Pages Are As follows,

iammadanii (Preethi) : She is preethi- one of the diehard fan and follower of M A D A N.

  1. iammadan.official
  2. iam_madanii_fc
  3. _iam_madan_
  4. Iammadanism (madan=love)
  5. _madan_op_
  6. Madanism
  7. And more and more.

What Does #madanism Mean: (The Greatest Part):

When I started gathering information about Madanop I found some interesting and heart-touching facts and videos of Madanop’s fans.

Yes.. Here Madanop’s fans are spreading their love by helping poor people on behalf of Madan OP in the name of #madanism.

Once they did #madanism, they post on Instagram or youtube that their challenge completed proof in order to encourage others to do as well. Wow. How great it is?

To be honest, I have seen some videos proof of the above #madanism on social media.

iammadanii (Preethi) also accomplished #madanism and video proof uploaded on Instagram. Check below the screenshot of their videos.

Seriously it’s a good thing that I’ve never seen it before anywhere.

The great Salute to Madan OP’s Fans, Madan OP Veriyans and followers.

Madan OP T shirt:

Nowadays Pubg madan photo printed tshirt also trending like anything. Even in the Blacksheep digital award show, Pubgmadan fans all wore PubgMadan’s photo-printed t-shirt. All of them purchased only from trolleyday.com online t-shirt store.

If you wanna buy best PUBG t shirt design online, then trolleyday.com is the right choice.

If you wanna have a look at the online store visit here>>trolleyday.com

Trending #Hashtags of Madan OP:

Let me show below some evergreen #hastags of Madan OP on social medias.

#iammadan #madanism #mrconqueror #madan #iammadanii #madanpubg #pubgmadan #madanopfan #mdanopveriyans

Madan OP’s Secrets Of Success Quotes:

PUBG Madan Quotes:

PUBG Madan has a unique quote and he apply this quote not only on gaming life but also on real life as well.

Check the secret of Success PUBG Madan Quotes below,

Your intelligence is my common sense.

PUBG PNG Images:

Below are the best and trending PUBG PNG Images that you can use them anywhere as you wish..

PUBG Madan Veriyans Images:

Madan fans and veriyans are increasing day by day and they simply show their love in many ways as well as many places.

They simply write MADAN OP name on public empty walls, School and College Black Boards, Memes, Social media posts, and Insta reel.

Some of them, simply screaming during public crowd places, events, theatres, functions, festivals and so on.

Madan PUBG T Shirt Design:

Let me show some best PUBG T Shirt Designs that trending now.. Especially on trolleyday.com.

PUBG India Version Coming Soon:

Though PUBG game banned in India, still people are using other countries version of PUBG.

So in order to grow up this game in India, our government planned to release PUBG mobile India version officially in the month of May 2021. (Anticipated News).

Hope this article solved the curiosity of Madan OP meaning on Google.

Check out my other article to know more interesting facts and trending news.

My Hearty Wishes.

Sindhumani- (Blogger and founder of Pribak Dance School Salem.)

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