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108 Classical Dance PNG, Classical Dance Images, Bharatanatyam Mudras.

108 Classical Dance PNG, Classical Dance Images, Bharatanatyam Mudras.

Classical dance png

OverView on Classical Dance PNG:

Classical Dance PNG: Here you can get the best classical dance png HD, classical dance images with high quality, Classical dance photos that you can use anywhere.

These classical dance images are taken by us and also all of them are our classical dancers in Salem Tamil Nadu.

Classical dance png
Classical dance png
Classical dance png
Classical dance png

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The above classical dance png images were taken in different occassion at different classical dance competition.

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Let’s Know About Bharatanatyam Class In Salem:

If you are looking for the best Bharatanatyam class in salem, the Pribak Dance School is the right choice since we teach Bharatanatyam from scratch to expert.

Check out the above classical dance PNG images of our real classical dancers and understand the reality than read.

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Bharatanatyam Background And Bharatanatyam Mudras:

Bharatanatyam, an old type of Indian classical dance, originated from Tamil Nadu, in the Southern most part of India.

Recognized for its distinct hand motions, eye motions, and also beats of the feet, Bharata Natyam was initially done by women dancers in Hindu temples, as an offering to please the resident temple place deity.

Much of the old sculptures in Hindu temple places are based upon Bharata Natyam dance stances.

bharatanatyam comes from the words Bhava (Expression), Raga (Music), Tala (Rhythm) and also Natya (Classic Indian Music Theater).

It is stated to be the personification of music in visual kind, as an event, or act of commitment.

While there are five types of dance, corresponding to the five elements, Bharata Natyam is a fire dance.


Bharatanatyam Mudras:

There are Fifty Five Root Mudras over there in Bharatanatyam Dance.

Asamyukta Hasta : 32 Mudras

  1. Pataka
  2. Tripataka
  3. Ardhapataka
  4. Kartarimukha
  5. Mayura
  6. Ardhachandra
  7. Arala
  8. Shukatunda
  9. Mushthi
  10. Shikhara
  11. Kapitta
  12. Katakamukha
  13. Suchi
  14. Chandrakala
  15. Padmakosha
  16. Sarpashirsha
  17. Mrigashirsha
  18. Simhamukha
  19. Langula 
  20. Alapadma
  21. Chatura
  22. Bhramara
  23. Hamsasya
  24. Hamsapaksha
  25. Sandamsha
  26. Mukula
  27. Tamrachuda
  28. Trishula
  29. Ardhasuchi
  30. Vyagraha
  31. Palli
  32. Kataka

Samyukta Mudra : 23 Mudras

  1. Anjali
  2. Kapotam
  3. Karkatam
  4. Swastikam
  5. Dola-Hastam
  6. Pushpaputam
  7. Utsangam
  8. Shivalingam
  9. Kataka-vardhanam
  10. Kartari-swastikam
  11. Shakatam
  12. Shankha
  13. Chakram
  14. Pasha
  15. Kilaka
  16. Samputa
  17. Matsya
  18. Kurma
  19. Varaha
  20. Garuda
  21. Nagabandham
  22. Khattva
  23. Bherunda


Three Main Aspects Of Bharatanatyam:

  1. Nritta (rhythmic dancing components),
  2. Natya (mime or dance with a significant flair), as well as
  3. Nritya (a combination of the previous 2).

Stylish, womanly lines as well as moving dancing are balanced with manly activities and also stomping.

Old messages as well as poetry define the growing dancing and also songs customs of the time, which were intricately woven into society and also spiritual techniques.

They explain the excellent bharatanatyam professional dancer as agile, slim, vibrant, proficient, hard-working, imaginative and gorgeous.

She was typically a Devadasi, indicating a lady that was married to the temple place or its deity.

The bharatanatyam dancers were rather proficient as well as extremely respected.

When Bharatanatyam is executed, a professional dancer is decorated with a special set of precious jewelry reserved for performances and also ankle joint bells, floral hair decorations, and also a one-of-a-kind, ornamental costume that is suggested to predict the professional dancer’s significance.

The songs is South Indian Carnatic styles, carried out with traditional South Indian tools and the violin and also groove.

Today’s performances are performed beyond the temple, frequently onstage, with real-time enhancement.

Bharatanatyam Dress:

Really, it’s hard to find the right tailor for stitching Bharatanatyam Dress in a super manner. Also, stitching Bharatanatyam dress also takes some time.

Thus, in order to avoid unwanted tension try to choose the ready made costumes. We tried and used those readymade Bharatanatyam dress and it was worthable and good stretching as well.

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Hope you got some ideas about Bharatanatyam and Bharatanatyam Mudras as well.

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