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Learn All About Bharatanatyam Classical Dance & Costumes

Learn All About Bharatanatyam Classical Dance & Costumes

Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

History of Bharatanatyam Classical Dance?

Bharatnatyam Classical Dance is among the oldest and also noteworthy of the Indian timeless dancing kinds as well as a heritage part of the culture of India.

It originated in south India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, and also spread out to the southern states.

Historically, Bharatanatyam was called Sadir and a few of its original concepts go back to as earlier as the first millennium CE.

The ancient Sanskrit text, Natya shastra by Bharat Muni provides the created concept or evidence of the beginning of Bharatnatyam.

Nevertheless, the art stayed special to Forehead till the 19th century and after that in1910, it was banned because of the early American government’s publicity.

What is Bharatanatyam Classical Dance?

Bharatanatyam class in salem
Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

Bharatanatyam is among the Indian classical dance type. Exercising is advantageous for health and wellness in many ways. Figure out how.

It is a mix of expressions, tune, and rhythm.

Bharatanatyam is the mix of three components Nritta, Nritya and Natya.

  • Nritta highlights body language and rhythm.
  • Nritya offers emphasis to dance poses and also body language.
  • Natya provides value to drama as well as poems.

Top Benefits of Learning Bharatnatyam Classical Dance:

history of bharatanatyam
Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

Done with complete concentration the dance form is just as good as yoga.

Continue reading to get a closer look at the many health and wellness advantages it provides.


A performer demands to elegantly keep balance throughout the performance.

The various body movements called Karanas are beneficial to enhance equilibrium.

While executing Karana a performer needs to remain in one position for a few seconds.


Bharatanatyam is connected with facial expressions and non-verbal interaction.

In this dance form hand motions and also facial expressions are used to connect and also express sensations.

The Mudras work out different body components as well as improve adaptability.


Bharatanatyam activities make use of different muscular tissues.

Few hrs of practice can give you a great workout and boost your endurance.

Relocating all limbs with each other at the same time, while the eyes follow whatever the hands do, needs a great deal of stamina.


Exercising Bharatanatyam can offer you all the advantages that you get by doing aerobics. Dancing benefits your total fitness.

The fast bodymovements in this dancing kind improves blood circulation therefore assisting you live a long and also healthy life.


A performer needs to remember steps, names of the numerous actions, various relocations, the beats as well as rhythm of the song.

If the body motions are in sync, with all this a professional dancer has to pay attention.

This sharpens mental abilities and constructs mental awareness.


Dancing and physical fitness constantly go hand in hand.

Not just Bharatanatyam however any type of kind of dancing is beneficial for the heart.


Every trainee of Bharatanatyam comprehends the value of practice.

With the lessons of Bharatanatyam comes a very vital lesson of life that ‘Technique makes a man Perfect’.

It is just regular dance practice that aids a student increase to a greater degree of efficiency.

This builds endurance in an individual and also makes him all set to go after perfection.

This can also equate to day-to-day life worth. Whether it is making an egg, attaining far better grades, or making a discussion, getting better comes to be a routine.

Controls-weight I, leaps, and taut hand gestures utilize power. So while you might be focused on obtaining a particular action right you are burning calories as well as managing weight.

How to learn Bharatanatyam?

bharatanatyam dance classes
Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

Wanted to find out about Indian classical dancing but never ever had the opportunity prior to?

It’s not too late to start! Our grown-up novice course gives you an introduction to Bharatanatyam.

If you are looking for the best bharatanatyam class in Salem, Pribak Dance School,

Experience the basics initially, prior to determining whether you are ready to engage with this intricate art form at a deeper level.

Perfect for outright beginners, those with some childhood experience, or any individual with much less than 2 years of recent training.

Feel free to contact us below to learn everything about Bharatnatyam, Western dance and dance costumes

Bharatanatyam Dance Classes Near Me?

Online bharatanatyam classes in salem

Pribakdanceschool.in offers both Bharatanatyam and Western dance in Salem at the lowest fees.

Also, we offer Online Bharatanatyam Classes in Salem, so do contact us and get fit with Bharatanatyam dance.

Where To Buy Bharatanatyam Costumes?

You can stitch Bharatanatyam costumes with us based on your custom size.

Perhaps, if you wanna buy ready-made costumes please do VISIT our SHOP.

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Hope you love this article. Let’s dance.

Now It’s Your Turn..

My Hearty Wishes.

Sindhumani- (Choreographer and founder of Pribak Dance School Salem.)

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