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7 Tips To Reach Conqueror PUBG In 7 Days Like PUBG Madan

7 Tips To Reach Conqueror PUBG In 7 Days Like PUBG Madan

conqueror pubg

Conqueror PUBG In 7 Days: In this article, I am gonna share my top 7 tips on how to reach PUBG Conqueror mobile fast by using PUBG Madan game tactics.

If you follow the below 7 tips, I ensure you that you can get ACE in 3days and Conqueror PUBG in 7 days.

I will help you to read this article till the end so, just be with me.

 I will tell you all from my experience as I am a Conqueror PUBG for 2 seasons when I started PUBG from that time I was in Ace last season I got ACE in only 90 matches playing with randoms.

PUBG was ban in India still I got ace with 4+ KD even you can check.

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Mr Conqueror Madan OP:

conqueror pubg

Before jumping into revealing my tips, I wish to share some interesting facts about Mr Conqueror Madan OP to boost up your PUBG gaming skills.

Everyone knows that the PUBG Conqueror level is literally very hard but PUBG Madan secured Conqueror PUBG in three categories Such as Conqueror Solo, Conqueror Duo, and Squad.

That’s why PUBG has awarded the name of Mr Conqueror to Madan PUBG. Also, Madan OP’s fans call him Triple Conqueror.

Okay, all that fine. So if you wanna reach that level in 7 days just follow up tips which I used for my gaming strategy.

If you want to know, What is Mr Conqueror and who is Mr Conqueror please check THIS ARTICLE.

Fine… Let’s get started..

Tip #1 – PUBG Drop Location :

Drop location is very important in rank push, if you die early in drop location you will get minus which will not rank up. So you should land according to your device & skills.

If you are having a low-end device you should not do hot drop as if you do hot drop firstly your graphic will not render later you will face lag in gameplay you will be enabled to play and will get a minus.

Because you can survive there at such lag if you have good skills then you can go only if you are sure that you can survive or finish other enemies and get out from there.

Then only you can do hot-drop. Now I will guide you according to the tier where you should take a hot drop If you are Pushing from Gold to platinum.

 You can go to hotdrop places like Georgopol, Novo, Pochinki or Military base etc. in this tier even.

If you die early you will get a little minus so you can hot drop in the lower tier.

Next is Diamond to Crown take mid hot drop in this tier.

Mid drops are City area, Georgo city, Yasnaya, etc Mylta , Lipovoka, etc.. you can go to these locations as minus starts if you die early next is Ace, after ace don’t take hot drops or mid hot drops.

Now, you have to take soft drops it means land were no one comes because if you die early you will high minus you will get -40,-50, etc which will demotivate you.

If you are pushing to conqueror PUBG you have to play very safe in ACE TIER.

Tip #2 – PUBG LOOT:

Loot is Very Important if you have good loot then you can survive for a long. Loot will help you at end zones have more health stuff, Ammos & good guns these things will help you good gun will help you in close range fight sometimes at last heal battle situation comes more health stuff will help you to win that.

So loot as much you can SURVIVAL.

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Tip #3 – SURVUVAL: 

Survival is very much important in rank push survive more than 20 min in every match if not try from now.

Try to survive as much you can if you survive more as survival increases the chances of top 10 even you will get good plus and your rank will push fast.


 You have to avoid minus in every match try to get plus in every match because if you die early you will get minus.

 You know your rank will not go up so avoid minus even little plus like 1,5,10 are good instead of minus.


 If you play a small map like sanhok till ACE then you will not get a good plus. You won’t get survival points according to the map you should rankpush.

I have already made a detailed article on the selection of map that will help you to choose a map which will give good points & survival time. >>Check Here<<

Tip #6 – POSITION:

The position is very important so try to get top 10 in every match if you get top 10 you will get good plus it will boost your rank push to ACE and then Conqueror PUBG.

Try to get top 10 anyhow & if you get top 5 then more plus you will get, top 3 gives highest plus.

If you want to push rank fast then you must get plus in every match.

To get plus avoid hot drops avoid early fights avoid fights outside the zones don’t take fights outside the zone give preference to the safe zone.

If you die outside the zone you will get less plus. So try to get plus in every match.


At last, we see WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) a very important dinner that gives maximum plus rank push will fast try to focus on chicken dinner in every match.

Try to get chicken dinner if you are in ACE want to push to PUBG Conqueror.

These are the tips to rank push fast also skills and device also matters. If you have both then you can get Ace in 3 days and Conqueror PUBG in 7 days.

Final Words On Conqueror PUBG:  

pubg madan

If you don’t have that no problem just play more and more to get more plus.

More plus will increase rank I will say play average health is very important so don’t keep on playing for a long time you will get scolded by you family.

So don’t make them angry take care of your health take rest after every 2 hours of playing.

Hope you love this tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading this article. If you want to know more about Madan OP, please check my article here.

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