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7 Reasons You Should Go To Yercaud Right Now | Shocking News About Yercaud.

7 Reasons You Should Go To Yercaud Right Now | Shocking News About Yercaud.


About Yercaud: At a 35 kilometers range from Salem, Famously called “Ooty of the Poor”, Yercaud is a timeless hill station in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Yercaud weather condition is entirely different from other places in Salem Tamil Nad and Yercaud temperature is the main reason why we call it “Poor’s Ooty“.

Established by the Britishers throughout the 19th century, Yercaud is the ideal summer season resort for those travelers who intends to appreciate a calmness as well as a solitary holiday in the middle of the attractive appeal of Mother Nature.

Located in the Eastern Ghats of the Shevaroys variety, the territory of Yercaud hill is likewise referred to as Shevaroy Hills.

Establish in the middle of the commanding altitude of 1515 m, Yercaud is just one of the most visited tourists spot in the region, thus it is also called the “Gem of the South“.

Yercaud Weather

The name-Yercaud is stemmed from a lake, situated at the facility of the place. In the Tamil language ‘Yeri‘ means lake, as well as ‘Kaddu‘, which indicates woodland.

Nestled in the Servarayan variety of Eastern ghats at an elevation of 1, 500 m over sea level, Yercaud is populated with some stunning visitor places like Yercaud lake, Woman’s Seat, Killiyur waterfalls, The Servarayan Temple, Bear’s Cave, and also The Grange, etc.,

Yercaud is best known for its coffee hacienda and orange timbers.

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Highlights of Yercaud:

1. The National Orchidarium:


The National Orchidarium along with a Botanical Garden was developed below in 1963, which is kept by the Southern Circle of Botanical Survey of India.

Spread over an area of 18.4 hectares the orchidarium residences 3000 trees as well as 1800 bushes. Likewise, it is blessed with rich wildlife, which suits an abundant range of fauna as bison, deer, mongoose, hares, bunnies, ant-eater, partridges, numerous types of snakes as well as birds like bulbul, kites, sparrows, heaven flycatcher, ingests, etc.

2. Yercaud Lake:

Yercaud Weather

Yercaud Lake is the piece de resistance of the place, that abruptly captures your attention. It is surrounded in the lap of wonderful gardens as well as rich environment-friendly trees.

The chilly and also crystal clear water of the lake leaves a refreshing effect, while a boat trip in the lake will inscribe you with the most fantastic experience.

3. The Servaroyan Temple:

The Servaroyan Holy place is located at the peak factor of the Shevaroys hills.

It is a really gorgeous temple adorned with remarkable carving work. The temple is well-known for the event, commemorated in the month of May by the regional individuals.

Because of its picturesque place, the holy place attracts a lot of visitors.

4. Green House:

Green House is the ideal place for nature fans. It is an amazing orchid, having the most lovely and vibrant plants.

The main attraction of the orchid is climbed garden. Various ranges of roses and many other flowers make this place a paradise. Likewise, the various orange trees make the area worth visit.

5. Pagoda Point:


Another popular place furthermore called pyramid variable is Pagoda Point.

It is notified that, tribal people have in fact developed this place by putting 4 stones in a pyramid type.

A Ram Sanctuary has actually been made in between these stones.

The most effective time to see this area is in the early morning or in the evening.

One obtains a full sight of the area Salem as well as similarly the sight of a little town called Kakambadi.

The area has a high cliff, which would be any kind of kind of hill climber’s pleasure.

6. Killiyur Water Falls:

It is a should-see area of resources incurable as well as likewise has to do with 3 kilometers far from Yercaud as well as likewise goes to its finest after immediately after the downpour.

The water from the Yercaud Lake as well as from the Shevaroy hillsides drops deep right into the Killiyur Valley at 300 feet.

The view of this water loss is breath taking.

A trekker can travel through the forest to this location in a hr’s time.

7. Horticulture Ranch:


It’s an area for nature lovers.

This cattle ranch has above 5000 varieties.

It has selections of plants like crotons, roses, seed startings of roses can be bought at the inexpensive reward as well as far more.

It additionally has orange trees, when entirely grown supplies captivating view.

Yercaud temperature

8. Bear’s Cave:

Bear’s Cave lies near the Norton Bungalow, which is the oldest cottage of Yercaud. It is developed by the two significant stones, depends on the way of Servaroyan Holy place.

The cave is around 7 feet below the ground level and supposed to be expanded to Kaveri (Karnataka), which covers a range of about 485 km.

But the vacationers can not surpass some hundred meters inside the cavern as it is blocked by the rocks.

Yercaud Weather:


Let’s we understand the Yercaud weather condition and season in order to visit Yercaud in right time.

Expanding from October to February, the winter and is also a best time to see Yercaud.

The temperature ranges between 13 ° C to 25 ° C. Summer season in the region begins in the month of March and also lasts till June.

Yercaud Images:

Before writing this article I visited this place personally and collected some information about Yercaud.

Also, I took some photos of good places and wish to share the same below with you all to understand more about Yercaud.

Final Words:

So, hope you started loving “Yercaud” from the this article. So if you wanna visit this awesome place just check the distance details from your place to Yercaud below.

Yercaud Pincode: 636601

  1. Distance to Yercaud From Major Districts in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Distance between Salem to Yercaud by Road = 30.1 Kms.
  3. Chennai to Yercaud distance by Road = 362.7 Kms.
  4. Distance between Yercaud from Bangalore by Road = 207.1 Kms.

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